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Luxury location for events Paris Place Vendôme 4
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Luxury location for events Paris Place Vendôme

La Fiermontina Vendôme is the exclusive luxury location for events in Paris Place Vendôme. The apartment was built in the 18th century and is now a prestigious residence of no less than 208 square meters.

It is a luxurious and captivating accommodation with spacious and refined living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom.

Location for luxury events in central Paris in Place Vendôme

And it is precisely the living room that represents the heart of the entire apartment, as well as the privileged location for hosting appealing events. The room boasts Versailles parquet flooring, vintage marble fireplace, and gold leaf decoration.

It is also particularly spacious, complemented by refined antique elements, strong with an exceptional view of the Place Vendôme and particularly bright thanks to its two large windows. As well as the rest of the apartment, it houses a collection of rare art pieces including works by Modigliani, Francis Bacon and Chaissac.

Luxury location for events in Paris overlooking Place Vendôme

The ample square footage and the charm of the adjoining dining room make the living room a perfect space to welcome guests and turn every appointment into an unforgettable event.

It is a luxurious, quiet and comfortable environment, ideal for business lunches, romantic dinners, and business meetings to be held in a setting that is impeccable in every way. In addition, guests can take advantage of La Fiermontina Vendôme's services, which allow the event to be taken care of from every point of view.

In fact, the following are available upon request:

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