Paris holiday apartment near Place Vendôme

Discovering Paris by staying in a holiday apartment near Place Vendôme neighborhood means enjoying many amenities while benefiting from a very central location.

La Fiermontina Vendôme gives all this because it is located right in the famous neighborhood and overlooking the square of the same name.

The apartment is spacious, bright, furnished with many period elements and enriched with works by great artists, including works by Modigliani, Francis Bacon, Chaissac. It has a kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room, bathroom, master bedroom.

Paris luxury holiday apartment near Place Vendôme

The apartment is cared for down to the smallest detail: 208 square meters of true Parisian opulence. A perfect location to hold romantic dinners and business lunches. Ideal for those who want to experience the city without having to give up anything, while also benefiting from numerous VIP services, including a personal concierge.

Among the advantages of the apartment we certainly find the location, in Place Vendôme, in what is not coincidentally called the luxury district.

Paris, holiday apartment near Place Vendôme neighborhood in the center

The neighborhood is within walking distance of iconic locations such as Place de la Concorde and Champs Elysées. It is one of the most chic and luxurious places in the entire city, with elegant and opulent architecture.

Here we find all the most famous clothing brands and all the most prestigious boutiques in Paris. In this district, luxury is fashion, but also architecture, food, and the atmosphere we breathe among the boulevards and squares.

Among the places not to be missed is the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Church, in neoclassical style reminiscent of the buildings of ancient Greece. Inside the triangular tympanum located on the main facade we find the sculpture representing the Last Judgment, created by Philippe Joseph Henri Lemaire.

Discover Paris and stay in a holiday apartment near Place Vendôme neighborhood.
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